April 08, 2022

Prepped to Go – Malaysia Commercial Kitchen Equipment Guide

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The global pandemic has changed the food industry landscape around the world, including in Malaysia. Cloud kitchens have become increasingly prominent due to the enticing benefits they provide food businesses and restaurateurs. An established customer base and ideal locations in the heart of bustling cities are among the many reasons why individuals find cloud kitchens appealing and are willing to operate their eateries from them. However, even though cloud kitchen providers like Kitchen Connect serve many advantages, the owners still have to take some initiative to ensure they have all the right commercial kitchen equipment in place before launching their food business. 

Given how complex this process can be, Kitchen Connect has provided a helping hand with this in-depth guide on the commercial kitchen equipment eateries will need in order to create the culinary masterpieces that make them stand out from the competition.

Equipment Requirements

Don’t splash the cash and go overboard right away as this is a recipe for disaster! Instead, break down what commercial kitchen equipment is needed and whether the cuisine your restaurant offers requires any special tools and appliances. Let’s take Malaysian restaurants as an example. If you’re making traditional dishes, you will need rice cookers to make the rice for traditional food like Nasi Biryani, along with clay pots, steel woks, and bamboo steamers, among other things. 

Figuring out how much commercial kitchen equipment you need can be overwhelming, but it becomes a whole lot easier when taking a step back and asking yourself a few easy questions. 

  1. Are you specialising in a particular cuisine? – If the answer is yes, then note down what commercial kitchen equipment you will need to prepare all the items on your menu. 
  1. How many customers do you serve? – This is an important question as based on the number of orders you get, it can help you determine how much equipment you need.
  1. How big is your budget? – It is essential to prepare a budget and stay within that limit. Don’t spend more than you can afford because it is a surefire way to sink your business before getting it off the ground. 
  1. Are there certain regulations to follow? – If some commercial kitchen equipment doesn’t adhere to the rules and regulations, don’t buy it! 

Now that all the preparation is done, let’s take a look at what commercial kitchen equipment food businesses will need to be fully operational. 

1. Ovens

Ovens will absolutely be a key feature in any restaurant or cloud kitchen since most eateries, regardless of the food they specialise in, will use them. One thing to take note of is that there is a big difference between commercial and home ovens – most notably, the power and price tag. 

The cost of commercial ovens can fluctuate significantly – from over a thousand Ringgit to tens of thousands. So, it is necessary to keep the following in mind when buying an oven: 

  1. Will it be used as one of the main cooking methods?
  2. Do you need the best model on the market?
  3. How much space can you sacrifice for an oven?
  4. What type of oven do you need most – commercial, pizza, convection, etc. 

2. Stoves

Stoves are also an integral part when preparing most types of food as it provides a variety of cooking methods, including frying, baking, or roasting. Be mindful that there are two types of stoves you can purchase, and it is important to assess which one will suit your needs more. 

  1. Gas stove – While you will be in complete control of the temperature when cooking your scrumptious dishes, the cleaning job that comes after can be an absolute nightmare. Plus, you will need to be wary of the hazards that come with it, most notably gas leaks and fires. 
  2. Electric stove – While more energy-efficient and much less stressful to clean, it may not be a sufficient choice for specific cooking methods that are required for certain types of dishes. 

3. Fridges and Freezers

Remember, it’s not only about handling the heat in the kitchen but the cold side too. Fridges and freezers are vital components of commercial kitchen equipment that every eatery operating out of a cloud kitchen will need. 

The Ministry of Health of Malaysia recommends that the temperature in fridges be below 4 degrees Celsius and -18 degrees Celsius for freezers. This is to ensure that food products stored inside don’t go off and pose a threat to customers that eat your dishes! 

When getting a freezer for your cloud kitchen, it is important to think of the following:

  1. The size of your fridge and freezer
  2. How much can you afford to allocate towards it

4. Ventilation System

Proper ventilation is a must in any kitchen as not having proper airflow can have disastrous effects and result in an unsafe work environment for your employees, which is the last thing anyone wants. To steer clear of this, remember these key points when installing a ventilation system: 

  1. The size of your kitchen
  2. Does it adhere to Malaysia’s fire and safety regulations?
  3. Is there adequate airflow provided for the employees working in the kitchen?

5. Speciality Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Let’s circle back and touch on specialty commercial kitchen equipment that restaurants might need in their cloud kitchen space. It’s vital to ensure that you have everything you need to prepare top-quality food that will win you both loyal and new customers. That being said, here’s some specialty equipment you might need: 

  1. Woks
  2. Clay pots
  3. Rice cookers
  4. Bamboo steamers

6. Safety Equipment 

Everyone knows how important safety is, especially in a kitchen environment. Many cloud kitchen providers like Kitchen Connect already have safety equipment installed. But, since it is a key facet of the commercial kitchen equipment list, you need to be 100% sure that, at the very least, the following is available: 

  1. Fire extinguishers
  2. First aid kits
  3. Security cameras

A Well-Stocked Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen


Once you buy the commercial kitchen equipment you need to serve your mouth-watering delicacies to the people of Malaysia, you’re free to focus on growing your brand. If you still have issues finding the right commercial kitchen equipment, this list will be of help to you. With all the necessary information in hand, it’s time to stock your cloud kitchen with the right tools and start growing your business! 

Kitchen Connect has helped many food businesses achieve incredible levels of success in Malaysia. Fill out the form below to get in contact and find out more!

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