March 23, 2023

GrabFood 101 Guide: What Your Malaysia Restaurant Should Know

GrabFood has exploded in popularity in Southeast Asia and has cemented its reputation as one of the premier food delivery platforms in Malaysia. An increasing number of people are turning to ordering food online due to the global pandemic and the introduction of work from home, along with flexible work schedules. The industry is forecast to continue flourishing as revenue is expected to reach US$2.61 billion in 2023, while the number of people ordering food online is set to rise to 13 million by 2027. 

Many business owners can see dollar signs and hear the cash register sound ringing in their minds as the number of customers in this lucrative market is only expected to get bigger and bigger. One of the easiest ways to tap into the market and achieve greater penetration is by establishing your eatery’s reputation on food delivery apps. In order to achieve this, we at KitchenConnect are giving you access to an all-encompassing GrabFood 101 guide that is sure to help your business thrive.  

The starting point

You might think getting your business featured on a food delivery company like GrabFood will be a long, arduous and intricate process, but it’s actually quite simple. In fact, it can be summarised in three easy steps: 

  1. Submit the necessary information – From business documents to your menu and company logo, all the necessary details must be sent to GrabFood before your restaurant gets the green light to appear on their food delivery app. Upon completing this step, a representative from GrabFood will get in touch with you within a week.
  1. Send in your menu – To grab the attention of people scrolling through the GrabFood app, you need to make sure your menu features a range of hearty dishes that will capture their attention immediately. It’s also important to allow users to quickly identify the type of cuisine you specialise in so that they aren’t left confused and frustrated. Furthermore, the prices should reflect the regular menu prices. This means that you cannot raise prices in a bid to make more money as it puts your business in a bad light. If you offer combos and sets, they can feature on your menu on GrabFood, but once again, they have to appear on your restaurant’s à la carte menu and be priced the same.
  1. Start preparing food – After completing the above steps, you can hit the ground running and begin creating mouth-watering dishes for the millions of Malaysians that frequently place orders on GrabFood. 

The reasons to use GrabFood

Next up in our 101 guide is why you should use GrabFood and the benefits that come with utilising their food delivery app. Given their huge user base and being one of the leading food delivery companies in Malaysia, GrabFood provides the perfect platform for restaurants that want to build a fan following and become one of the hottest spots in town to order food from. 

When it comes to GrabFood’s advantages, there are a number of specific ones to take note of:

  • Lower staff costs – Your restaurant doesn’t need to hire delivery drivers. GrabFood handles this area as it falls within their expertise.
  • Get your name out there – With their massive number of people using GrabFood on a daily basis, your eatery can rise to the top as one of Malaysia’s must-try places. A great way to accomplish this is by offering standout dishes with a signature flair or unique preparation method since it serves as a great talking point for customers. And you know what they say about word of mouth – it spreads like wildfire. 
  • Dependable – For many F&B businesses, worrying about how long it takes for customers to receive their ordered food is a major area of concern as the last thing they want is angry complaints. Many people don’t want to wait long, but GrabFood has a large fleet of delivery vehicles to keep that from happening.
  • Increased sales – By offering a variety of delicious delicacies, your restaurant will automatically be on the radar of many people looking for new places to order from. If you are able to generate more interest, expect your sales and profits to trend in the right direction. 
  • Better payment terms – Since GrabFood offers the option of Daily Cashout. This means optimising cash flow and keeping your business running like clockwork.
  • Check out the competition – If you are intrigued by the prospect of seeing what your competition is doing to entice the people of Malaysia, you can do so on the GrabFood app. Browse through their menu, check their prices, and see the feedback they are receiving from their patrons. This will help you get a clear picture of what plans you need to implement in order to give your food and overall approach a major boost in the right direction. 

The key to getting noticed on GrabFood

Next up in our 101 guide is how to actually promote your restaurant and get noticed on the GrabFood app. To really get ahead of your competition, there are a few key things you must do: 

  1. The perfect menu – If your menu fails to hit the mark, don’t expect a wave of customers to place orders. Given the number of restaurants you will be in a constant battle against, your menu has to be absolutely brilliant and diverse as well so that it caters to people with varying dietary requirements. 
  1. Gorgeous photos – It is integral to have photos that grab people’s attention and encourage them to click order now. Food photography has never been as important, meaning you need to make use of certain tips and tricks in order to take your food from bland to fine dining. 
  1. Great packaging – When preparing food to be delivered to your customers, you have to ensure it is packaged appropriately so it doesn’t spill everywhere during the delivery process. One useful tip to keep in mind is to emblazon your packaging with your company logo as it’s a simple, yet effective way to market your restaurant. 
  1. Respond to reviews – When people order food from your restaurant, ask them to post a review about their dining experience. This will give new customers an insight into how good your dishes are and what they should order. One thing you should do is respond to all reviews left about your eatery, even if it is negative as it shows you care about your diners and are willing to make changes. Ultimately, the more positive feedback you get, the more profit you generate. 

Grab your chance now

With a complete 101 guide to GrabFood and how it works, you can ensure you have everything in place to take your restaurant from a zero to a hero. 

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