June 10, 2022

Top 10 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Malaysia


Are you sick of the sheer amount of processed and unhealthy food around you? Well, you are not alone! When looking at the Top Food Trends in 2022 for Malaysia, many trends show a movement away toward a healthier and more sustainable diet. Notably, there is a predicted rise in the popularity of plant-based food and the use of fresh local produce within Malaysia-All of which are provided by healthy food delivery services.

Have a look at our compiled list below for healthy food delivery services in Malaysia that will certainly provide the healthy food you need–the way you want it!

RankNameRating (Reviews)Price Range
1Pop Meals4.7⭐ (8,903)RM 21 – RM 25
2La Juiceria Superfoods4.7⭐ (464)RM 25 – RM 39
3Pala Pala4.8⭐ (53)RM 15 – RM 20
4GoClean4.7⭐ (206)RM 14 – RM 24
5Salad Atelier 4.3⭐ (‎2,976)RM 15 – RM 32
6Dietmonsta4.6⭐ (246)RM 10 – RM 20
7Paperfish4.3⭐ (476)RM 25 – RM 39
8Fin Publika4.5⭐ (149)RM 15
9Meal2U4.6⭐ (32)RM 15.90 – RM 23.90
10Fittie Sense4.3⭐ (339)Piece Meal from RM 15

#1. Pop Meals (formerly Dah Makan)

Source: Pop Meals Website

Pop Meals has emerged as the leading healthy food delivery service in Malaysia, staying true to its promise to serve popular meals at popular prices, leaving thousands of customers satisfied.

Besides the promise of quality food, Pop Meals constantly betters itself through its innovations. In particular, be sure to take a peek at their Pop Chart! It uses actual customer data to pinpoint the best and trending meals. As the information displayed on Pop Chart is updated daily, you can stay up to date with what’s hot and what’s not! 

#2. La Juiceria Superfoods

Source: La Juiceria Website

As part of La Juiceria Superfoods’ mission to make Malaysians healthier and happier, they serve handmade food and beverages that are as healthy as they are delicious. 

Enjoy their variety of selections–spanning from meatless selections, keto options and even a customisable salad that can be shaped to your preferences. With La Juiceria Group being one of Malaysia’s leading healthy F&B groups, choosing their service will definitely be a safe bet!

#3. Pala Pala Crispy Sandwiches

Source: Pala Pala Crispy Sandwiches Facebook

At Pala Pala Crispy Sandwiches, you can enjoy a variety of delicious western dishes. If you are craving a hearty meal or just a light snack–be it rich pasta Carbonara, toasty sandwiches or refreshing salads–you can rest assured that Pala Pala has something for everyone to enjoy! 

Take a look at the menu and make your order today!

#4. GoClean

Source: GoClean Facebook

If you ever wondered what it’s like to have your own nutritionist, personal trainer and professional chef, GoClean is the service for you! Let GoClean handle the details: from controlling the portion size to finding the perfect balance of proteins, carbs and fats, and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal in peace. Also, besides personal orders, GoClean also provides corporate catering! Perfect for events of all kinds, GoClean’s corporate catering is suited for large events, meetings or small groups. 

With such great offerings, Next time you need healthy food delivered, be sure to give GoClean a try!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: WhatsApp (+60 1162 165 889) & Email
  • Delivery Zone: KL Klang Valley
    • Except for Cheras, OUG, Sri Petaling during Dinner
  • Price Range: Meals start from RM 13.90 
    • 15 meals package (3 meals a day) from RM 279
    • 60 meals package (3 meals a day) from RM 1,079
    • Minimum order for delivery is RM 20; Free delivery for orders over RM 40

#5. Salad Atelier

Source: Salad Atelier on Foodpanda

Salad Atelier’s mission is twofold: to bring healthy food to Malaysians and encourage them to cultivate sustainable eating habits. This can be seen in their plant-based options, eco packaging and locally-sourced fresh produce. Salad Atelier also offers corporate catering, with their many setups (bar, media, buffet and finger food) there will certainly be one suitable for your company.

Most importantly, by eating with Salad Atelier, you can be assured that not only will it benefit your body, but it will also benefit the earth too! 

#6. Dietmonsta

Source: Dietmonsta Blog

Dietmonsta is one of the best healthy food delivery services in Malaysia, providing more than a hundred meals for every lifestyle and dietary preference each month. They offer both fixed and custom meal plans to suit every need: from muscle gain, and weight loss to a balanced diet. 

If you are looking for a meal that uses high-quality ingredients and includes sufficient macro-nutrients, then Dietmonsta will provide you with the hassle-free experience you need!

#7. Paperfish

Source: Paperfish Facebook

With Paperfish being the winner of Malaysia’s best poké, their creations have great taste guaranteed. Specifically, Paperfish aims to serve refined, clean and simple products with the same refinement as crafting origami. If you want to taste the harmonious blend of the freshest ingredients, then give Paperfish a try today!

#8. Fin Publika

Source: fin publika kl – KL Foodie 

Fin Publika is more than just another poké store. You can take your pick from nutritious wraps, hearty rice and broth bowls, refreshing salad and smoothie bowls, plus their signature poké bowls. Or, if you would like more flexibility, create your own poké bowl in 5 easy steps! 

#9. Meal2U

Source: Meal2U Website

As part of Meal2U’s mission for the future of food to be healthy, delicious and convenient, they provide homecooked meals to wherever you may be. They provide both fresh meals and microwavable alternatives (called Vmeal packages) that can be eaten anywhere and anytime. Try it out today!

#10. Fittie Sense

Source: Fittie Sense Facebook

For our Vegan friends and Keto lovers, Fittie Sense might be what you have been searching for! Not only does Fittie Sense provide vegan and keto-based meals like pasta and laksa, they also have vegan and keto-friendly desserts and drinks–from cheesecakes to panna cotta. If you want to have a taste of these selections, get ordering today! 

  • Details: Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: Whatsapp (+60 3-2858 4023) & Email
  • Delivery Zone: Bangsar, Bangsar South, KL Sentral, Brickfields, Bukit Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Hartamas, Mont Kiara
  • Price Range: Piece Meal from RM 15

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