August 31, 2021

How Kitchen Connect has helped grown restaurants in Malaysia


Just about everything in our day to day living has changed as a result of the ongoing pandemic. This is especially true for the way we eat. Heavily restricted operation of restaurants has led to a crisis in the F&B industry: only recently were dine-in restrictions raised from 2 max per table. The dining restrictions caused countless restaurants to transition to delivery alternatives like Foodpanda or Deliveroo which helped grow their shrunken consumer base.

However, most restaurants were unprepared for the difficulties that followed. Inefficiencies such as wasted dine-in space, and continued utility costs came at great expense to many businesses. Time was running out, and failure to adapt to this was putting restaurant after restaurant out of business. Some of the more forward-thinking business owners decided to adopt cloud kitchens into their operations.

As a cloud kitchen provider, KitchenConnect has been at the forefront of this change in Malaysia. Nearly a year has passed since, and results are now unveiling themselves. The following are some examples of where KitchenConnect has helped grow our clients’ businesses despite the turbulent year.



One of our clients saw significant sales growth throughout 2020. Through their partnership with us, they developed a larger customer base in previously untapped regions that had significant demand for their food.



For another partner, our service provided them with a platform through which they could be creative, experimenting with new ideas without the fear of finances. We saved them the worry of utility and other operational expenses whilst they dabbled in concepts that put their business on the map.



Opportunities for future expansion of their chain were one of the big draws to Kitchen Connect for one of our clients. As they already possessed 10 stores, they were familiar with the great expense of growing their business. KitchenConnect mitigated this expense, enabling the chain to expand with much-reduced costs upfront.

Our priority is You


For us here at Kitchen Connect, our view of success is from multiple perspectives, and our priority is you. No matter your need, we are here to support you, and ensure that you can achieve your potential.

Not long ago, a client of ours experienced an electrical fire in the middle of the night. Thanks to our sprinkler system, the fire was extinguished and our team was on-site within 10 minutes of notification. The damage was minimal, and nobody was harmed.

Should this have occurred in a typical setting, then the property owner would have no choice but to contact their insurers and utility providers and inform them of the damage, as well as repair and clean up any damage caused.

Fortunately for this client, they didn’t need to worry about all this. We handled all the bureaucratic tasks, and our insurance paid the near 61100 RM associated with the expense of repair.

We understand that accidents happen, and we are here to support you when they do. Our preventative measures ensure that when accidents happen, they cause as little disruption to your business aspirations as possible.

Success isn’t just in the short term.

True success is when your business has the potential to not just survive, but thrive – all whilst weathering the potential scenarios coming its way. Our virtual cloud kitchen means you don’t need to lose sleep over potential situations like these. Instead, we provide you with the means to expand and achieve sustainably.

For the aforementioned restaurant, that fire could have ended their business, but it didn’t. This was thanks to our support and handling of the situation preventing further losses and ensuring they were back on track in no time.

Curious about Cloud Kitchens?

Our cloud kitchen provides you with the best solution for your restaurant, no matter the size or speciality. We want to share these solutions with you so that you can truly unlock your business potential. If you’re curious to learn more about this and all the other services that we at KitchenConnect provide, be sure to fill out the form below, and we can get you started on your digital cloud kitchen journey.

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