January 31, 2022

2022’s Top Food Trends in Malaysia

food trends

Numerous food trends have seen meteoric rises in popularity over the past few years due to many people changing their outlook on the foods they choose to consume. As people become more aware of what they are eating and how it affects them, more trends in the F&B sector will become prominent as time goes by. With the overall landscape of the industry continuing to change, let’s jump right into what we expect Malaysia’s top food trends of 2022 to be. 

#1 Plant power


With people everywhere looking for better substitutes for their typical daily meal choices and hoping to improve their overall health and lifestyle choices, many different diets have emerged. One of these food trends that have stuck around though, and continues to gain traction, are plant-based diets. People in Malaysia are growing increasingly receptive to it, as shown by this survey

Consistently for years now, the Mediterranean diet has been the top choice as it helps its practitioners improve heart health, decrease disease likelihood, and maintain key biomarkers.

Lifestyles that revolve around plant-based diets have created such an extraordinary F&B trend that there are now even companies like TiNDLE entirely focused on developing meat-like foods entirely composed of plant matter.

#2 Self-made gourmet food at home

It’s not uncommon to eat out at restaurants simply because cooking at home is either too much of a hassle or because one lacks the know-how to whip up delicious delicacies that are readily available from eateries. However, as the effects of COVID-19 were felt in Malaysia, more and more people had to stay home and had to figure out how best to satisfy their culinary desires.

As such, cooking at home is an eating trend that is set to continue blazing ahead, especially as more people are trying to be healthier by increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables. Some even see the fun side of it by trying out extravagant recipes that turn normal home meals into fine dining feasts. 

#3 Food by robots

It may sound like a dream – having a robot servant that cooks all of your favourite meals at a moment’s notice. While we may not quite be at that level yet, we’re getting closer than you might think. As a response to many labour shortages throughout the F&B industry, some restaurateurs have turned to the growing trend of artificial intelligence and robotic assistance to satisfy customer demands.

PUDU Robotics is one such company in Malaysia leading the charge in food-specific robots that will usher in the next age of food trends.

#4 Greater transparency and understanding

Have you ever wondered where exactly your food and its ingredients come from? You aren’t alone. It’s actually been shown, like in this Innova Consumer Survey, that every 6 of 10 consumers wants to know the same.

While it’s been a challenge in the past, today’s newest blockchain technologies have made it possible to keep track of literally every single step a food item takes to reach its final state, satisfying the demand of the F&B trend of customers wanting to know where their ingredients have originated from.

#5 Preventing disease

Food may be the best medicine, and people have responded in kind; especially regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Whether it’s supplements or other additions to one’s typical diet, almost everyone is searching for the next thing that’ll help them stay the healthiest version of themselves and fight off any possibility of ever becoming sick. Chicken, turkey, broccoli, and turmeric are just some of the foods listed that help boost your immune system.

#6 Groceries and food ordered online


Malaysia is no stranger to online food delivery – including complete grocery lists. In fact, Malaysia’s online food delivery market is forecasted to be US$366 million in 2022. While that may not be as incredible as other countries’ markets, Deutsche Bank projects online grocery sales in the United States to hit $120 billion in sales by 2025. No doubt, this F&B trend will spread to other countries, including Malaysia, especially as COVID-19 continues to keep people in lockdown.  

#7 Wasting less


Almost all of us wish to create less waste when it comes to our food. Even though this eating trend isn’t exactly new, it has definitely grown in the past couple of years in particular. The F&B industry trends in Malaysia are no different, with a few notable organisations that have popped up in particular. One example, the Lost Food Project, is entirely devoted to “finding ‘lost’ food and giving it to those who need it the most.”

#8 Agricultural success in the city

One doesn’t necessarily need to live in the countryside with large amounts of land to have a successful farm these days. A recent F&B trend that will continue to grow – pun intended – into 2022 is that of “ultra-urban farms”, which focuses on achieving agricultural success within the confines of larger metropolitan areas. Many such companies exist in Malaysia, including Urban Farm Tech and Cultiveat.

#9 Paying without cash

You’re not the only one tired of carrying cash in your back pocket; it’s a trend in the F&B industry that’s been a long time coming. As such, an ever-increasing number of eateries are allowing many different payment possibilities to exist within their business model.

The rise of delivery kitchens

Scenes from the kitchen of a gourmet restaurant

Cloud kitchens aren’t new to 2022, but they will continue to be a prominent F&B trend this year as many businesses and newcomers search for more cost-effective and adaptable methods to navigate through these unprecedented times. Given their ability to operate more efficiently while simultaneously providing access to an already established customer base, cloud kitchens are definitely going to be a larger part of tomorrow’s F&B industry.

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