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What is a central kitchen?

Central kitchens have become an industry-leading platform for businesses to grow their sales through minimal investment. Our facilities in Malaysia can be used for newcomers to the F&B industry or veteran restaurants that want to branch out and enter a new market. Ultimately, the general layout and idea of a central kitchen are to provide complete convenience and efficiency, meaning it enables you to focus on preparing tantalising cuisine while we take care of everything else.

What are the advantages of a central kitchen solution with KitchenConnect?

Here at KitchenConnect, we focus on giving food-delivery businesses the tools they need to thrive, at a price that allows them to grow. The layout of our central kitchens in Malaysia is designed specifically for delivery and takeaway so you can fulfil orders in a way that is most cost-effective for your business.


Drastically lower your costs

Pay less upfront each month, and skyrocket your growth. Central kitchens are the foundation of successful modern-day restaurants looking to make a splash in Malaysia’s ever-growing food delivery industry.


Find new, hungry customers

With central kitchens located across Malaysia, we've found the prime real estate options for you, meaning all you need to do is move in.


Work with fewer employees

With no dine-in areas, you also won't need a front-of-house team. In our kitchen spaces, you only need to spend money on what directly impacts the growth of your business.


Cook food for multiple brands

In just one central kitchen space, you can launch multiple restaurants with minimal risk.


Scale your business as it grows

Growing a business is never easy. But with central kitchens, expansion throughout Malaysia is on the menu.


Work with several delivery platforms

More delivery platforms means more orders. Use our custom tech to keep it all organised and running smooth.


Your kitchen, made to order

We provide professional central kitchens designed to accommodate every chef or cuisine, to let them open nearly any type of restaurant in Malaysia. Each space is generously outfitted with all the basic essentials. Bring whatever equipment you have, along with your passion for food, and our experts will help you plug and play to create your dream kitchen.


  • Driver pickup area
  • Restrooms


  • Order pickup & processing
  • Courier handoff
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Safety & health inspections
  • Extraction & ventilation
  • On-site support staff


  • Single bowl sink
  • Commercial hood
  • Tempered air
  • Power and gas
  • Grease-trap/interceptor


  • Gas points
  • Power outlets
  • Gas/fire safety system
  • WiFi
  • Trash/recycle
  • Ethernet connections


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a central kitchen?

    Central kitchens provide the perfect business layout for restaurants that want to primarily shift their focus to fulfilling delivery and takeout orders. Fewer employees are needed to run central kitchens, meaning you can lower your costs and redirect your funds to benefit the most important areas of your business.

  2. How will a central kitchen be beneficial to my business?

    Whether you’re a new restaurant that wants to open a central kitchen or an existing business hoping to access Malaysia’s growing customer base, our kitchens are a cost-effective and rewarding opportunity for businesses to achieve rapid growth and profitability.

    The traditional restaurant is handicapped by scalability issues and inefficiencies. The central kitchen model puts the deliveries at the core of the operational and logistical process, removing bottlenecks and enabling much higher output quantities. A highly equipped, efficient, and low-cost kitchen allows businesses to overcome the issues associated with traditional restaurants – driving up profits and reducing inefficiencies in the process.

  3. What factors should I consider for kitchen location?

    We have central kitchens located across Malaysia. All of our facilities have been placed in carefully researched and premier locations. Surrounded by large numbers of potential consumers, our kitchens are primed for success. Should there be any queries about the location and type of central kitchen best suited to your cuisine or food, get in touch with us today!

  4. How can I move into a central kitchen?

    Central kitchens do not have all the burdensome paperwork and bureaucracy that traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants are bombarded with and have to abide by. This makes them exceptionally easy to move into. Get in touch with us and we can help you open your central kitchen in one of a variety of locations across Malaysia.

  5. What equipment do I need to open for business?

    We take care of all the design work and construction, while providing basic cooking amenities and utilities needed. All you need to figure out is what equipment you need to prepare the delicious food that will win you a legion of loyal fans. From fridges and freezers to pots, pans and specialist apparatus, once you have everything in place in your central kitchen, the sky’s the limit as to how far your business can scale in Malaysia’s burgeoning F&B industry. Should you require further assistance, you can refer to our comprehensive guide.

  6. Can I run multiple businesses out of one central kitchen space?

    Running numerous businesses is one of the core advantages of operating out of a central kitchen unit. If you have grand plans to expand and give Malaysia a taste of the variety of cuisines being prepared in your kitchen space, then our facilities provide the perfect platform to do this.

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