What is a dark kitchen?

Dark kitchens are facilities where F&B businesses that specialise mainly in takeaway or deliveries operate. They have surged in popularity for restaurant owners that want to expand their business or tap into a new market without investing a hefty sum of money. Essentially, our dark kitchen spaces in Malaysia are a launching pad for you to put your food ideas to the test and watch them become smash hits within the community in Malaysia.

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Benefits of Dark Kitchens

Food deliveries are disrupting the food and beverage industry in Malaysia like never before. A combination of evolving habits and technological advances were already changing the industry, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the changes into a full-blown revolution. The F&B industry is now a new world where delivery-based businesses have more upside than ever before. Unsurprisingly, the food delivery industry is expected to grow upwards of $424 Million USD by the end of 2024.

This shift comes as great news for both food-delivery business owners and consumers. Still, it will certainly pose challenges for traditional restaurants that have to deal with shrinking crowds and high overhead costs.

Dark kitchens are primed to be the solution for entrepreneurs and restaurateurs looking for an idea to future-proof their business in a way that is optimised, and ready to scale. This is because dark kitchens offer highly efficient delivery-only kitchen spaces in Malaysia that allow restaurants to fulfill orders more cost-effectively.


Your kitchen, made to order

We provide professional dark kitchens designed to accommodate every chef or cuisine, to let them open up nearly any type of restaurant based on the ideas or concepts they have. Each dark kitchen space in our facilities in Malaysia is generously outfitted with all the basic essentials. Bring whatever equipment you have and love, and our experts will help you plug and play to create your dream kitchen.


  • Driver pickup area
  • Restrooms


  • Order pickup & processing
  • Courier handoff
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Safety & health inspections
  • Extraction & ventilation
  • On-site support staff


  • Single bowl sink
  • Commercial hood
  • Tempered air
  • Power and gas
  • Grease-trap/interceptor


  • Gas points
  • Power outlets
  • Gas/fire safety system
  • WiFi
  • Trash/recycle
  • Ethernet connections


Bring your ideas to life in our dark kitchens

Our dark kitchens are ultimately designed for one thing: to help every restaurant develop their ideas, grow larger and become increasingly profitable.

Dark kitchens at KitchenConnect are a turnkey solution

Running a restaurant requires a ton of time and money - but so does opening a restaurant. Architects, interior designers, construction costs, permits, and licenses add up very quickly and put an enormous financial strain on your business.

But with a dark kitchen solution, the only thing you have to worry about is moving in and transforming your grand ideas into reality. Our kitchens are optimised for your food business and everything is ready to go from day one. This includes dry storage, cold storage, gas points, fire safety systems, an order processing centre, as well as restrooms. These spaces are perfectly suited for cooking virtually all types of cuisines, too.

Support from the KitchenConnect team

No matter if you are opening a dark kitchen or a more traditional restaurant, opening any new business requires a team to thrive. Here at KitchenConnect, our business team is here to support you to help you grow your business ideas so you can remain cost-effective and strategically grow your business from our dark kitchen facilities in Malaysia.

Tablets provided in each kitchen to help manage orders

Keeping track of orders is always a challenge for restaurants, and POS systems can be expensive and difficult to learn.
Thankfully KitchenConnect’s dark kitchen solutions come fully equipped with software that allows you to organise and manage all of your orders in a single app, which is easily accessed on a tablet that we provide for each kitchen.

Reduced risk

The delivery centric model that drives dark kitchens is a low-risk, high-reward initiative. Reduced overheads and lower upfront investment mean that businesses are far more agile. Restaurateurs will be able to experiment with new brands, new cuisines, new ideas and more. Combine this with the greater rewards generated from the use of the dark kitchen model, and restaurants have a more stable and secure method of enhancing their business’s reputation and boosting their profitability.


Skyrocket your restaurant’s delivery sales


We partner with companies to help you create your brands, so you can carry on using the ingredients and equipment you already have. Our goal is to help you make more without complicating things.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a dark kitchen?

    Also known as a virtual or cloud kitchen, dark kitchens are delivery-only restaurants that operate to produce larger quantities of high-quality food in a shorter, more time efficient and cheaper manner. This food is then delivered directly to the home/office address provided by the customer.

  2. What benefits do dark kitchens have over traditional restaurants?

    There are many benefits that businesses can obtain through using cloud kitchen services. The highly streamlined and optimised delivery-centric business model enables businesses to focus on producing larger quantities of high-quality food in an efficient and low-cost manner. The elimination of the expensive elements of a traditional restaurant saves your business money, whilst simultaneously giving you access to a larger number of customers.

  3. How do I start a dark kitchen?

    You can begin the process of opening a dark kitchen today with KitchenConnect. We have a variety of packages available that are suitable for most catering needs. Our dark kitchen spaces are trusted and used by brands across Malaysia, helping deliver business success and growing new ideas in difficult times.

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