How dark kitchens can increase efficiency and reduce operational costs

Food deliveries are disrupting the food and beverage industry in Malaysia like never before. A combination of evolving habits and technological advances were already changing the industry, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the changes into a full-blown revolution. The F&B industry is now a new world where delivery-based businesses have more upside than ever before.



This shift comes as great news for both food-delivery business owners and consumers. Still, it will certainly pose challenges for traditional restaurants who have to deal with shrinking crowds and high overhead costs.

Dark kitchens are primed to be the solution for entrepreneurs and restaurateurs looking to future-proof their business in a way that is optimized, and ready to scale. This is because dark kitchens offer highly efficient delivery-only kitchen spaces that allow restaurants to fulfill orders more cost-effectively.

Let’s take a look at the top few reasons why dark kitchens are both more efficient and cost-effective when compared to traditional restaurants.

How dark kitchens are more efficient

#1 – More customers in less time

Part of the appeal of eating in a restaurant is enjoyment of the dine-in experience. Customers typically like to chat, relax, and slowly enjoy their meals. While this is good for the customer, this poses a large inefficiency for restaurant owners who need to turn tables fast in order to generate higher sales.

But in contrast, dark kitchens allow you to send orders out within minutes of being cooked, without worrying about when the tables will flip.

Our delivery-focused kitchen spaces allow you to have a food business that caters exclusively to delivery orders. This allows you to fulfill orders without any bottlenecks in your process, allowing you to be efficient with your time and lean with your costs. Here at Kitchen Connect, we also figure out the logistics related to couriers and more, which means that you can focus wholly on the quality of your food.

#2 – Dark kitchens at Kitchen Connect are a turnkey solution

Running a restaurant requires a ton of time and money - but so does opening a restaurant. Architects, interior designers, construction costs, permits, and licenses add up very quickly and put an enormous financial strain on your business.

But with a dark kitchen solution, the only thing you have to worry about is moving in. Our kitchens are optimized for your food business and everything is ready to go from day one. This includes dry storage, cold storage, gas points, fire safety systems, and order processing center, as well as restrooms. These spaces are perfectly suited for cooking virtually all types of cuisines, too.

#3 – Support from the Kitchen Connect team

No matter if you are opening a dark kitchen or a more traditional restaurant, opening any new business requires a team to thrive.

Here at Kitchen Connect, our business team is here to support you to help you grow your business so you can remain cost-effective and strategically grow your business.

#4 – Tablets provided in each kitchen to help manage orders

Keeping track of orders is always a challenge for restaurants, and POS systems can be expensive and difficult to learn.

Thankfully Kitchen Connect’s dark kitchen solutions come fully equipped with software that allows you to organize and manage all of your orders in a single app, which is easily accessed on a tablet that we provide for each kitchen.

How dark kitchens can lower your overhead

#1 – Eliminate your front of house costs

A traditional restaurant can require a large staff to operate properly. Depending on the size of your restaurant you may need to employ waiters, bussers, bartenders, dishwashers, and cooks.

But by investing in a dark kitchen you get to avoid the high overhead of a typical restaurant. No front of house experience means you will be significantly lowering your overhead, not to mention eliminating the time and hassle.

#2 – Reduced operational costs

All of Kitchen Connect’s dark kitchen spaces in Malaysia are strategically designed for delivery-only businesses. The lean operational model will allow you to cut a large majority of typical restaurant costs ranging from salaries, rent, and even logistics.

#3 – Enhanced scalability

80% of restaurants close down in the first 5 years, and because of this, the chances of successfully scaling a restaurant are meagre. These sobering facts can be discouraging for entrepreneurs who envision opening a food-empire.

But with dark kitchens, scalability is easier than ever before. Our optimized facilities, efficient software, and provided equipment lowers your costs for opening new locations. With the process easier than before, and costs lower than ever, scaling your food empire has never been more attainable.

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