Who ghost kitchens are for

Ghost kitchens are taking over the F&B industry, and here in Malaysia, Kitchen Connect is helping restauranteurs and chefs easily open and scale their food-delivery businesses.

But how do you know if opening a ghost kitchen is the right move for your business?


Here at Kitchen Connection, we have put together this simple guide to help you quickly determine whether you should look into opening a ghost kitchen.

You should open a ghost kitchen if…

Due to technological advancements and changing consumer behaviour, ghost kitchens represent a tremendous opportunity for restauranteurs looking to simplify their business model and lower their overhead.


You want to lower your overhead

One of the largest advantages of using a ghost kitchen supplier is just how much less overhead there is compared to a traditional restaurant.

Here are a few ways ghost kitchens can help lower your overall costs.

#1 - Lower your rent

Kitchen Connect’s ghost kitchen solutions are designed for delivery-only food businesses. This means you are paying for a cooking space that is lean and built for efficiency. No unnecessary space, no front of house costs - just your optimized delivery business.

#2 - Less employees

Running a ghost kitchen only requires a few employees, allowing you to cut costs, especially in the front of house. Lower your overhead by cutting down on waiters, bussers, bartenders, dishwashers, and cooks.

#3 - No liquor license

Most restaurants are expected to serve beer, wine, and spirits, but liquor licenses are expensive. Remove the need to pay and maintain a liquor license by transitioning to a ghost kitchen solution.

#4 - No building permits or construction costs

Kitchen Connect is a turnkey solution. We accomplish this by taking the headache of logistics, permits, and construction out of the equation so you can focus on scaling a food empire.

#5 - Maximum space efficiency

Our ghost kitchens are fully optimized and thoughtfully designed to give the space you need to operate without spending extra resources on unnecessary space.

You want to scale your business more easily

Let’s face it – owning a restaurant is an uphill battle. 80% of restaurants fail in the first 5 years, and if you are fortunate enough to stay in business, then the costs of opening a new restaurant in a new location with new staff make it increasingly difficult to scale.

But in contrast, scaling a ghost kitchen business is much simpler. Here at Kitchen Connect, we take care of the permits, construction, space, and optimization to make opening new branches simpler than ever before. Overall – the ghost kitchen business model is built for scalability in Malaysia.

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