Cloud kitchens that help your restaurant grow

Cloud kitchens are now available throughout Mont Kiara, Bangsar, KLCC, and Damansara Jaya. Save money, adapt, and expand your restaurant business profitably with KitchenConnect in Malaysia.

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The concept of cloud kitchens

Our cloud kitchens offer massive advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar outlets. We allow you to quickly launch new locations and grow your business at a fraction of the investment required of a traditional restaurant setup. You’ll benefit vastly from lowering your upfront and operational costs with smaller real estate and lesser staff, finding an entirely new pool of hungry customers, and much more.


Turnkey and ready-to-go

Our team helps you get off the ground quickly in weeks, not months. We handle all the time-consuming logistics such as permitting and installation so that you can walk and cook.


Dramatically lower your expenditure

Cloud kitchens revolve around a cost-effective business model, saving you up to 70% of upfront initial capital investment and significantly reducing your operational costs for higher margins per location.


More customers, less time

You’ll get access to an entirely new pool of customers - instantly. We place our cloud kitchens in or next to highly populated areas where people frequently order food through delivery apps.


Create a virtual storefront

We'll handle all the products that don't need a kitchen. Just bring in the goods and we'll help you set up shop and sell even more.


Revitalise your business with our tech

Your entire restaurant can be managed through a single tablet. Our cloud kitchen app lets you access all your orders, combine delivery platforms, and get valuable insights into your business's performance.


One kitchen, multiple brands

Cloud kitchens have limitless possibilities, meaning you have the ability to transform your entire business model and run multiple restaurants from a single location with minimal risk.

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Hearing is believing

Hear from the chefs and entrepreneurs growing their restaurant business with KitchenConnect


Shaq, Co-Founder of Fowlboys

Malaysia's food delivery scene

As a cloud kitchen supplier here in Malaysia, KitchenConnect offers highly affordable kitchen spaces designed specifically for delivery and takeaway restaurants. Fulfil orders in the most cost-effective way possible.

/ Locations

Locations in all the right places

We have kitchens available in high order frequency areas densely populated with regular delivery eaters. Our sites are optimised for seamless courier pick-ups in a centralised area of the property managed by our staff.

In short, this means you get more time back that you can spend cooking and perfecting your recipes.

/ Technology

Software that connects it all

Our software is made for restaurateurs, chefs, and culinary teams. Instantly connect into our technology stack to grow your business and manage orders on one single tablet. We provide valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand, and increase the return on your menus.


Kitchens for all purposes

At KitchenConnect, we help F&B businesses grow exponentially in quick time. Whether your business model requires you to operate a cloud kitchen, satellite kitchen, or commissary kitchen, we have the facilities available to help you set up shop quickly, easily, and without the need to incur significant financial costs. Get ready to experience the concept of food delivery in a whole new way - through our versatile cloud kitchen spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a cloud kitchen space?

    The whole concept of Cloud kitchens relates to providing cooking facilities for F&B establishments with a business model that mainly revolves around takeaway or deliveries only. However, KitchenConnect has a few facilities where customers can also order and dine in. Cloud kitchens have grown in prominence for restauranteurs that want to expand their current business rapidly or for new restaurants that want to test the waters without undertaking a significant financial investment.

  2. How does a cloud kitchen business model work?

    Delivery is the focal point of cloud kitchens as it provides the perfect space for eateries to fulfil orders placed online by customers. Upon cooking the food, the restaurants will hand it over to one of the many food delivery platforms that operate in Malaysia, such as Grabfood, Shopee Food, Foodpanda, Beep, and AirAsia Food. KitchenConnect ensures businesses have a streamlined process for fulfilling orders as every order placed can be seen on a single tablet. This provides maximum convenience, especially if your company uses the services of multiple food delivery platforms.

  3. What cloud kitchen locations are there?

    KitchenConnect has cloud kitchen facilities in major cities in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. These locations have been strategically chosen for their high number of online orders, low restaurant to residents ratio, and are situated in bustling business and residential districts.

  4. How much does it cost to rent a cloud kitchen space?

    Cloud kitchens do not require as much upfront financial investment as setting up traditional restaurants. Renting one of KitchenConnect’s cloud kitchens costs around MYR 3500. Of course, the price varies on the size of the space and the location as well.

  5. What is the average size of a cloud kitchen space?

    The average size of a cloud kitchen in Malaysia is 123 sq ft on average, while brick-and-mortar restaurants are usually 1,800 sq ft. With an efficient working space, F&B operators can save on rent and use the money to enhance other aspects of their business that send profits soaring.

  6. What kind of business can I run from KitchenConnect’s cloud kitchen facilities?

    Adaptability is what we strive for with our cloud kitchen units, meaning restaurants that move in can put their own unique concepts and business models in place. Furthermore, KitchenConnect offers more than just cloud kitchens, with satellite, central, commercial, and commissary kitchens also available.

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